Create a new bundleΒΆ

Create your own bundle is not a trivial task.

The easiest way to achieve this is seems to be :

  1. Prepare a fresh installation of the chill project, in a new directory
  2. Create a new bundle in this project, in the src directory
  3. Initialize a git repository at the root bundle, and create your initial commit.
  4. Register the bundle with composer/packagist. If you do not plan to distribute your bundle with packagist, you may use a custom repository for achieve this [1]
  5. Move to a development installation, made as described in the Installation for development section, and add your new repository to the composer.json file
  6. Work as usual


This part of the doc is not yet tested



[1]Be aware that we use the Affero GPL Licence, which ensure that all users must have access to derivative works done with this software.