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A channel for custom logging has been created to store sensitive data.

The channel is named chill.

The installer of chill should be aware that this channel may contains sensitive data and encrypted during backup.

Logging to channel chill

You should use the service named chill.main.logger, as this :

$logger = $this->get('chill.main.logger');

You should store data into context, not in the log himself, which should remains the same for the action.

Example of usage :

$logger->info("An action has been performed about a person", array(
   'person_lastname' => $person->getLastName(),
   'person_firstname' => $person->getFirstName(),
   'person_id' => $person->getId(),
   'by_user' => $user->getUsername()

For further processing, it is a good idea to separate all fields (like firstname, lastname, …) into different context keys.

By convention, you should store the username of the user performing the action under the by_user key.