Run tests

In reason of the Chill architecture, test should be runnable from the bundle’s directory and works correctly: this will allow continuous integration tools to run tests automatically.

From chill app

This is the most convenient method for developer: run test for chill bundle from the main app.

# run into a container
docker-compose exec --user $(id -u) php bash
# execute all tests suites
# .. or execute a single test
bin/phpunit vendor/chill-project/chill-bundles/src/Bundle/ChillMainBundle/Tests/path/to/FileTest.php

You can also run tests in a single command:

docker-compose exec --user $(id -u) php bin/phpunit

Tests from a bundle (chill-bundles)

Those tests needs the whole symfony app to execute Application Tests (which test html page).

For ease, the app is cloned using a git submodule, which clone the main app into tests/app, and tests are bootstrapped to this app. The dependencies are also installed into tests/app/vendor to ensure compliance with relative path from this symfony application.

You may boostrap the tests fro the chill bundle this way:

# ensure to be located into the environement (provided by docker suits well)
docker-compose exec --user $(id -u) php bash
# go to chill subdirectory
cd vendor/chill-project/chill-bundles
# install submodule
git submodule init
git submodule update
# install composer and dependencies
curl -sS | php
# run tests


If you are on a fresh install, you will need to migrate database schema.

The path to console tool must be adapted to the app. To load migration and add fixtures, one can execute the following commands:

tests/app/bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate
tests/app/bin/console doctrine:fixtures:load