Install additional bundles

A basic installation of Chill include four bundles:

but you can add as many as needed by your project, and if the bundle does not exists yet, you can create a new one, see Create a new bundle .

In Chill you are free to do what is most suitable for your activity, so let’s go into details on how to add an existing bundle.

We will add the bundle ‘icpc2’ that set icpc code available as custom field.


Add description of the bundle

Open your terminal let composer do the magic for you:

cd path/to/your/directory
composer require chill-main/icpc2

As composer ends its task, it could notify you that Some migration files have been imported. In this case You should run `php app/console doctrine:migrations:status and/or php app/console doctrine:migrations:migrate to apply them to your DB.`

So just do it:

php app/console doctrine:migrations:migrate


The following has to be automated:

Finally we should modify the AppKernel.php file adding new Chill\Icpc2Bundle\ChillIcpc2Bundle(), in the $bundle array as described in the symfony documentation.