Chill can store a list of geolocated address references, which are used to suggest address and ensure that the data is correctly stored.

Those addresses may be load from a dedicated source.

In France

The address are loaded from the BANO. The postal codes are loaded from the official list of postal codes

# first, load postal codes
bin/console chill:main:postal-code:load:FR
# then, load all addresses, by departement (multiple departement can be loaded by repeating the departement code
bin/console chill:main:address-ref-from-bano 57 54 51

In Belgium

Addresses are prepared from the BeST Address data.

Postal code are loaded from this database. There is no need to load postal codes from another source (actually, this is strongly discouraged).

The data are prepared for Chill (See this repository). One can select postal code by his first number (1xxx for postal codes from 1000 to 1999), or a limited list for development purpose.

# load postal code from 1000 to 3999:
bin/console chill:main:address-ref-from-best-addresse 1xxx 2xxx 3xxx

# load only an extract (for dev purposes)
bin/console chill:main:address-ref-from-best-addresse extract

# load full addresses (discouraged)
bin/console chill:main:address-ref-from-best-addresse full


There is a possibility to load the full list of addresses is discouraged: the loading is optimized with smaller extracts.

Once you load the full list, it is not possible to load smaller extract: each extract loaded after will not delete the addresses loaded with the full extract (and some addresses will be present twice).