Send short messages (SMS) with calendar bundle

To activate the sending of messages, you should run this command on a regularly basis (using, for instance, a cronjob):

bin/console chill:calendar:send-short-messages

A transporter must be configured for the message to be effectively sent.

Configure OVH Transporter

Currently, this is the only one transporter available.

For configuring this, simply add this config variable in your environment:

`env SHORT_MESSAGE_DSN=ovh://applicationKey:applicationSecret@endpoint?consumerKey=xxxx&sender=yyyy&service_name=zzzz `

In order to generate the application key, secret, and consumerKey, refers to their documentation.

Before to be able to send your first sms, you must enable your account, grab some credits, and configure a sender. The service_name is an internal configuration generated by OVH.