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You may talk to developers using the matrix room: `https://app.element.io/#/room/#chill-social-admin:matrix.org`_


  • Issue tracker You may want to dispatch the issue in the multiple projects. If you do not know in which project is located your bug / feature request, use the project Chill-Main.

User manual

An user manual exists in French and currently focuses on describing the main concept of the software.

Read (and contribute) to the manual

Available bundles

  • Chill-app | https://gitlab.com/Chill-project/Chill-app This is the skeleton of the project. It does contains only few code, but information about configuration of your instance ;
  • Chill-bundle: contains the main bundles, the most used in an instance. This means: * chill-main, the main framework, * Chill Person, to deal with persons, * chill custom fields, to add custom fields to some entities, * chill activity: to add activities to people, * chill report: to add report to people, * chill event: to gather people into events, * chill docs store: to store documents to people, but also entities, * chill task: to register task with people, * chill third party: to register third parties, * chill family members: to register family members

You will also found the following projects :

And various project to build docker containers with Chill.

TODO in documentation


Describe the entities provided.

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describe entities provided by person bundle

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The documentation about report is not writtend

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Continue to explain the export framework

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The project is available under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3.

This documentation is published under the GNU Free Documentation License (FDL) v1.3